Let me tell you a little bit about me – Betty.

Hi, my name is Betty and I am a photographer based in beautiful Bath, Somerset.

Rather than tell you the long story about becoming a photographer the long way round, I tell you the ten most important facts to know about myself:

1. My full name is Bettina but everyone calls me Betty. The worst spelling I had for Bettina was ‘Patina’.

2. I am born & bred German and moved to the UK in 2001. I’ve lived in the UK ever since.

3. My surname is Indian through marriage. It’s pronounced Ban-dah-ree.

4. I am a fully qualified architect. But photography is now my full time career choice and I couldn’t be happier.

5. I am bilingual which has come in very handy for German-English weddings.

6. I am a totally foodie and cook food once a day at least. Since I have moved to Bath I have also started growing some of our food in our garden and more recently in our new allotment.

7. I’m a Nikon girl which is my dad’s fault because he had a Nikon FE2 which was the first camera I properly photographed with (I still have the camera). Today I am a registered professional Nikon user and only use the best cameras and lenses.

8. I always have a camera with me, whether it is my Nikon, my Fuji XT1 (for personal work) or my mobile. I’m never without any of these three.

9. I am a mother of two beautiful kids and wife of what I still think is the greatest man I have ever dated.

10. Last but not least I believe in love for life, freedom of choice and following your heart’s decisions.