Have you heard the term ‘elopement wedding’? I hadn’t before 2016 when I had the pleasure of photographing two elopement weddings. An elopement wedding is the secret union between two people at a place that is away from their home and without any guests (or in other words: run away and get married). You could say that this way the couple concentrate on what’s essential without the pressures or conflict of having to fulfill other people’s ideas or wishes.

I had not met Michael and Shufen before this day and was completely blown away by how beautiful Shufen looked. Michael left me and Shu alone to go and speak to the registrar so we used the time to take some portraits of the beautiful bride. Following a short and sweet ceremony, we spent an hour taking more romantic and artistic portraits in and around Bailbrook House. After a handful of hours I left the lovely newlyweds to go and celebrate by going for a nice dinner in Bath.


Thank you for making it  the end of this post. If you are getting married at Bailbrook House in Bath and are still looking for a photographer then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your day.