Hi Betty – It was lovely to meet you on Sunday, thanks for coming and taking the photos. Thanks for getting images back to us so quickly – they are all so gorgeous I have no idea how we will choose which ones to print!


A month ago I had the pleasure of photographing baby Robbie in his home just outside Bath. He was almost four weeks old and an incredibly well behaved little boy which gave me the chance to take quite a variety of pictures of him. I always start with very natural shots of mum & baby, dad & baby as well as all three together. I focus on all the little features like the hands, the feet, furry ears or shoulders, tiny legs, lips, eye lashes and so much more. All of these features change incredibly quickly and it’s nice to be able to remember them through a variety of pictures. Next Robbie was fed by mummy to ensure he was nice and full and a little sleepy. We stripped him down to his nappy and laid him into loft blankets. He clearly seemed to enjoy the experience as he fell asleep immediately! We even managed to remove the nappy, roll him onto his tummy and take pictures on a black background. Please note the room was very warm and at no point did Robbie get cold.

At the bottom of this post you will find a behind the scenes shot that shows Robbie in his room on my blankets. You can see that a studio is not required to take clean, natural and authentic newborn and baby portraits. Enjoy these pictures and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you just had a baby and would like me to come and see you to take stress-free and beautiful portraits of your new baby!

And here is a look behind the scenes. Blankets, water proof sheets and good natural day light in the nursery combined with a well behaved baby led to all these artistic baby portraits.

And one more – this is what it looks like when a pigeon flies against a window and leaves an imprint:

Thanks for making it to the end of this blog post!