Just before Christmas I photographed Rachael and Matt’s wedding at Guyers House and experienced what can only be described as the best best man’s speech I have ever witnessed!

Let me explain. Matt, the groom, is a farmer, so is his best mate Tommy. They went to agricultural school together and Matt was best man at Tommy’s wedding a few years back (they married sisters!). Tommy’s speech started as most best men’s speeches start, with a lot of anecdotes and some jokes on Matt’s behalf (sadly this part has not been recorded).




But who was prepared for Tommy getting his golden tractor medallion out …


…and delivering this amazing Eminem style rap (filmed by a guest; you can tell by the audience’s reaction how successful his speech was how much everyone enjoyed it!):


Here are some of my pictures.



And here is another link with better video but the audio is not so good:


Best friends!