This newborn portrait session in March 2015 was special for me. This little baby boy’s mummy was in my NCT group when we both expected our daughters. Her little girl was born seven weeks prematurely and was very poorly to begin with. She was also the result of IVF so the parents had to go through a lot to have this baby. Thankfully she made a full recovery and is now a strapping three year old. Her little brother, this beautiful newborn, is from the same round of IVF so genetically he is the same age as his sister, even though he was born three and a half years later. It’s just amazing what is possible these days and that due to modern medicine this lovely couple was able to have a family.









And here a couple of behind the scenes shots of our little setup. Although you cannot see it, we are at the baby’s house. I brought my home studio kit including blankets, wraps, posing pillows and a fan heater to keep the baby warm and cozy. I don’t use heating mats as I think they are dangerous for the baby (hot spots could go unnoticed) so I usually have the fan heater right next to me so I can check the temperature around the baby at all times.




If you like these photographs and would like to book a newborn portrait session in your house, please contact me.