Engagements (sometimes by surprise)

Getting engaged and deciding to spend their lives together however is a far bigger change in life than it often gets credit for. It can totally change a relationship. Many if not most couples have many months or even years between their engagement and their wedding. An engagement shoot celebrates more than just an event, it celebrates the couple’s love. It incorporates locations that are an important part to the couples everyday life. They can incorporate accessories that are important to the couple, like a tandem or a couple of beach chairs. Or the engagement shoot can take place at the location where the couple got engaged. In any case it’s celebrating the relationship.

It is also a good way for the couple to get to know the photographer and learn how she works. This is very useful for the wedding portraits as you have seen how the photographer guided you through the shoot and what the outcome has been. It builds confidence and helps the couple to relax and interact with the camera. Knowing and liking your photographer plays a big role in the success of your wedding photographs and will help you to relax on the big day so you can concentrate on the important parts!

Planning a surprise engagement? Contact me – I can be there and photograph the moment, followed by a fun portrait session with the two of you!