Oh Betty, these are absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you so much for editing them so quickly. There are so many gorgeous photos, you really captured the many expressions that Sydney sends our way everyday 🙂  I am totally in love with the photograph of her face that you took from the direction of her forehead while she was sleeping! Thanks again for a lovely day and such beautiful results.

Gemma & Simon

It is not only children who grow so quickly and therefore chance the face of a family changes all the time. Everybody gets older, we all change. Therefore it is invaluable to capture family moments. Family portraits can include babies, children, parents, uncles, grandparents, in-laws or godparents and can be taken pretty much anywhere. At your home, on the playground, in the forrest, on the beach, in the zoo, on holiday, at a 70th birthday party or during a Christmas get-together. Older children might find portraits more fun in combination with a day out and away from home whereas younger children might need the home comfort to be happy and relaxed. I am flexible to come see you where and when suits you best (depending on distance travel fees may apply).