Amazing, thank you so much, you were a wonderful photographer and we had a great day. The lavender photo is beautiful and we loved our Polaroid photos! Jen & Phil

I have been to many glamorous wedding venues but what makes the Royal Crescent Hotel stand out is their one of a kind service. You are always treated with such exceptional friendliness and professionalism. But maybe I’m just a sucker for the odd bit of glamour. The sommelier gave me a hand kiss once. 😉

In addition the Royal Crescent Hotel is one of the best hotels in town. Did you know that a daytime ceremony and sit down dinner cost substantially less than an evening ceremony? Oh and some of the girls working in nurseries offer weekend childcare for events like this. The two girls watching the two little girls were called ‘Wedding Angles’.

I met Jen and Phil through a mutual friend of mine and we got on very well immediately! They have two small (gorgeous!) daughters who were very much part of the ceremony. It was hilarious: the three year old decided to dismantle her beautiful flower bouquet during the ceremony. All that was left was a puddle of petal. But: kept her busy and quiet while mummy and daddy got married.

royal-crescent-hotel-wedding photography-01

royal-crescent-hotel-wedding photography-02

royal-crescent-hotel-wedding photography-03

royal-crescent-hotel-wedding photography-04

royal-crescent-hotel-wedding photography-05

royal-crescent-hotel-wedding photography-06

royal-crescent-hotel-wedding photography-07

royal-crescent-hotel-wedding photography-08

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