Home sessions are about making you feel comfortable and capturing precious first moments.

The best part of my newborn portrait sessions is that they take place in your home (= your comfort zone) where you are most comfortable after giving birth and I will bring everything that is needed for a variety of natural and posed newborn portraits. We can take the photographs in your living room or on a bed in the bedroom, wherever the lighting is best.

newborn portrait session at your home

I’m not taking your baby away from you. I am working with you to create awesome pictures.

You will be present at all times during the newborn portrait session and depending on what images we want to achieve (we will discuss this before the portrait session) you can be very involved in the portrait session, either by holding the baby or as a spotter (a spotter is someone who will be right next to the baby when we pose it on it’s tummy to ensure the baby is safe and cannot roll off the pillow).

how to achieve certain photographs during a newborn portrait session

It is totally ok to feel self-conscious after having a baby.

Every new mum feels insecure about her body and sometimes mums need several weeks to recover from a traumatic birth. This should not stop you though if you would like to have some beautiful photographs of your new baby. The whole point of having home sessions is so that you can stay in your comfort zone, whether you feel fit as a fiddle or are tired and sore. I will not drag you in front of the camera if you don’t want to show yourself yet. if you however would like some photos of you and your baby, we can easily just use your face as shown on the examples below.

new mother and newborn portrait

My setup is easy and safe.

I would never endanger your baby so my setups are always safe. I don’t suspend babies in hammocks nor do I balance them on chairs. I pose babies in sleeping positions or other natural poses, all depending on whether it is awake or asleep. Oh and it doesn’t matter if your baby wees or poos on my blankets. Lots of babies have done it before. All my blankets and wraps are washed with non-bio washing powder and are clean. It’s part of the business. Plus: I have a child myself, I have been peed, pooed and vomited on more than once. Doesn’t phase me the slightest!

safe newborn portrait setup

What is the baby doesn’t cooperate.

You can hardly expect a brand new baby to ‘cooperate’ that’s why it is important to work WITH and not AGAINST the baby. If it is tired, let it sleep where ever it is comfortable. If it is hungry give it a feed. I come with lots of time & patience. Being a mum of two small children I distinctly remember the first few weeks after birth and that you have no other choice but to go with the flow.

I have found hair dryers extremely useful for small baby portrait sessions. They create warmth and wonderful white noise – both of which most babies cannot resist! You can take beautiful close up pictures in almost every setting and location.

newborn portraits at home

What you need to provide.

I’m trying to make life as easy for you as possible but there are a few things that we might potentially need and that would be great to have to hand: wet wipes, a couple of clean muslin cloths if you have any, a large clean towel (white if possible), a dummy if baby has one, a bottle of formula milk if you don’t breastfeed, any clothing you would like to put your baby in (please don’t chose more than 2 or 3) and a breastfeeding pillow if you have any.

I will bring blankets, wraps, a backdrop stand if required, a wee proof underlay as well as a little heater.

Please also read my Frequently Asked Questions.

bath newborn portrait photographer

Contact me now.

Considering your baby could be born two weeks either side of your due date, please try to contact me as early as you can. Newborn portraits are best taken within the first fortnight of the baby’s life but if you or your baby are not well enough during that time, we can do newborn/baby portraits in the weeks following. It’s never too late to take portraits of your new baby and I am never too busy to fit you in last minute!

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