Lucie, the mummy of this beautiful new baby is a good friend of mine and it was very exciting to meet her brand new baby boy Rohan when he was exactly two weeks old. As with all my newborn home sessions I travelled to her house with a suitcase full of equipment and a rough list of shots I wanted to get. Lucie and I had loosely discussed various picture ideas of the three boys together but I had warned her that they might be difficult to achieve with a four and an almost two year old.In my opinion is is very important not to try too hard to achieve certain shots and in the process upset one of the older children as that can easily mean the end of the entire portrait session. The children’s cooperation and happiness are absolute key and will lead to much better pictures than forced poses. Capturing the moments as they are, the beauty of the individual characters and the fine & unique newborn features simply make the best pictures.


They are BEAUTIFUL! You have captured US perfectly. xx


If you are expecting a baby and would like some natural & beautiful portraits of your new baby please contact me as soon as you can. Although I am usually very booked up I can always make time for a portrait session and capture your baby for you while he or she is still so very little.


Thanks for making it to the end of this blog post!