Four days before baby M.’s birth I took some wonderful maternity portraits of the baby’s mum, you can see the blog post here. The two sessions were two and a half weeks apart. The newborn shoot was much more low keys for the parents. I arrived, set up the backdrop stand and blankets, and prepared the set. Mum gave baby M. a good feeding in the meantime. We turned the heating on to make it nice and toasty, then got baby M. into the photos. We took photos of her with mum & dad as well as grandma, then – as she got sleepy – took her clothes off and posed her while sleeping. I rather do less poses and outfit changes but keep everyone relaxed and happy!








Celia’s husband kindly took these behind the scenes photos during the newborn portrait shoots. You can see my backdrop stand which I build over the parents bed so the baby securely laid on the bed with plenty of space around her so there was no way she could roll off.




If you are interested in portraits of your newborn in the comfort of your own home please please don’t hesitate to contact me and discuss further. I am happy to answer any questions prior to a booking.