Thank you so much for the beautiful photos you took of I. and us as a family. We loved being involved in the whole process and some of the best shots came from us just being together which you responded to instinctively. We appreciated how sensitively your approach was at a time when we were very much entering the brave new world of parenthood (and being very selective about visitors to our home). It was so nice that you brought your own props for the pictures as it meant we didn’t have to rely on our sleep deprived brains to find our own! The end result far exceeded our expectations and we cherish the pictures you have given us.

On Sunday I met this 16 day old little man for the first time and took some wonderful portraits of him. He was ever so cute, don’t you just love newborns!!



Below is a behind the scenes shot where you can see how I work. I prefer meeting parents at their house to take portraits of the precious newborns. The above portrait was taken in the parent’s bedroom which was really warm and had the best natural light. Also it was a room the baby knows really well. You can see the baby on the bed, dad holding the backdrop and mum making sure that the baby is staying safe on the bed nest.


Finally I am proud new owner of a Polaroid 110A/B conversion. I will present this camera on the blog another day. But here is a little shoot I took of baby I. which I think is stunning and a total one-off!


If you just had a brand new baby or you are expecting a baby soon and you are still looking for a photographer to create a mixture of natural and creative maternity and newborn portraits then I would love to hear from you. You can call me on 07984 029 639, email me or fill in my simple & easy contact form.

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