Everybody who got married will know this: a bride has a lot on her plate before the wedding day. Decide on a dress. Decide on a hair style. And most importantly look great. All this can be a little overwhelming so here is a list of 5 top tips for the bride to make her life a little easier and to have a great wedding day:

1) Be yourself. Neither hair nor makeup needs to be big to compete with the pressure of the big day. Be you.

2) Having said that a good make-up artist can make a HUGE difference to the photographs. A decent foundation will make your skin look like porcelain. Keep in mind that professional makeup and hair can take up to two hours.

3) Have fun with your shoes. If you choose a pair that matches your dress you will only ever wear these shoes once. Why not choose some golden sandals, tan coloured designer heals or something colourful? I will have so much fun wearing these shoes again and again.

4) Consider packing a pair of sandals or flat shoes for the portrait session as we might be walking around from location to location. Should the ground be wet you can get white willies, they not only keep your feet dry but also make very funny portraits.

5)  Make sure you drink enough water during the day. Otherwise you get tired quicker and loose concentration.

I hope this helps you in your planning. If you need further help or advice please leave a comment below, email me or fill in my simple & easy contact form.

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