Hi guys!

A lot of couples who chose to get married during the darker half of the year have the idea to incorporate sparklers into their wedding day. A ‘sparkler shot’ or ‘sparkler send-off’ is a great alternative to a traditional confetti shot and can, if done correctly, look amazing! Now what does ‘doing correctly’ mean? I have been at a wedding earlier this year where the sparkler shot just did not work at all and here is what you, the bride and groom to be, need to keep in mind when preparing for your wedding.

My three tips:

  • Buy the longest sparkler you can find. The longer they are, the longer they will burn and therefore the better the chance that everyone’s sparklers will burn at the same time.
  • Test the sparklers. Do they light easily? If not they won’t work. You need to be able to light them easily with a common lighter.
  • Have one lighter between two or maximum three people to ensure everyone can light their sparklers at the same time.






If you keep these three things in mind and are prepared, your photographer should have a field day photographing a sea of sparklers with two love birds in the middle!